Newborn 1- 2 weeks of age

1 month

2 months

4 months

6 months

9 months

12 months

15 months

18 months

2 years

Annually ages 3 and up

Premier Pediatrics adheres to a vaccine schedule endorsed by the CDC and the AAP.


2 months:    Pediarix, Hib, Prevnar, & Rotarix

4 months:    Pediarix, Hib, Prevnar, & Rotarix

6 months:    Pediarix, Hib, Prevnar

1 yr:            MMR, Varivax, Hep. A

15 months:   Dtap, Hib, Prevnar

18 months:   Hep. A

4 - 6 yrs:      Kinirix, MMR, Varivax

11 years:      Tdap, Menactra

Beginning at age 9, girls are eligible to begin the HPV series (gardasil). This is an elective vaccine that consists of 3 doses in the series. Recently, the AAP has recommended the HPV series for boys beginning at age 11.

Vaccines used in clinic:

Dtap     Ipv      Hep. B     Prevnar     Hib     Rotarix     Influenza     Flumist     MMR     Varivax     Hep.  A     Tdap     Menactra     Gardasil    

Combination Vaccines used in clinic:

Pediarix = Dtap, Hep. B, and IPV

Kinrix = Dtap, IPV